Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My dog Shiki(Shikigami)

Shiki is my funny dog. Now she is cute and full with energy. She runs and jumps a lot. Some months ago in April I found her in the park near my apartment. She was stray dog hit by a car and left there dying. I call a friend of mine and we took her to a vet clinic. The veterinarian there told as that she was hit about five days before that day. The dog was with broken jaw, broken leg, blind and with a problems with her brain. I left Shiki in the clinic for treatment. 3 weeks later I took her home. Here are two pics from that time.

Shortly after that she start to walk a little with our help. And one of her eyes was better and better. Currently her other eye is white, but it is the only left over form the horrible things she survived.

Here are some pictures from playing in the yard. She loves to get dirty.

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