Sunday, September 23, 2007

Kleo and her familly

Kleo is my crazy cat. She is always happy and easy going. She is big and strong, bigger than the other cats but she just runs from any problem with them.
I found her two years ago. She and other 3 kittens were left near my apartment under a tree. At the beginning I didn't want to bring them home because I had 3 cats already - Greebo, Loki and Garfield. But these kittens were too little. I just couldn't stop thinking about them. One evening there was a huge storm and a lot of rain. And some boy was just letting his dog to hunt the kittens. I and my boyfriend rush outside. One kitten was missing. One was all wet and maybe hit by something. The two girls were dry and just fine - they run on the tree and stayed there all the fierce time. One of the girls was Kleo, the other - her sister Gita.
This is Kleo


And their brother

Soon the boy received some strange convulsions. The vets said that he has epilepsia. They started treatment for the convulsions but a month later he died.

The two girls are all that left from this family. Both of them were so energetic that my big cats were going crazy. Gita was adopted by a girl from Plovdiv. They send me this photos later.

But no one ever call for Kleo. My Loki and Garfield were looking for her. I didn't expect they would be so nice babysitters. Till then I thought that they were still kitten despite that they look like adult cats.
Currently Kleo is living with me. She is nice friendly cat. I don't try to find other people for her. Currently I am trying to find big house with nice yard for us all. She is really more like wild cat - strong and full with energy. She needs to run and play with other cats. Maybe if I give her to someone she would make her new owner crazy for all the stuff she can do - open doors, sleep on the top of the doors, jump more than 2 meters and just running wild all around.

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