Sunday, September 23, 2007

Betty is a friend of mine

This is Betty. Let me tell you her story. This happened 2 years ago in Sofia, Bulgaria. She was found on the street by my boss and brought at work. At first I didn't pay more attention at the puppy. But later people that were looking for her became not to feed her and no one wanted her because she was not some breed. I started to look for her and walk her out. Here are some photos from that time.

But some of the other people didn't want a dog there. No one was interested in her. A neighbor said that he would poison her. People from work wanted to call to the Bulgarian firm "Ekoravnovesie" that was killing stray dogs at that time. There were rumors about the cruelty there. And some stupid people wanted to send her there. I took her home and called my mother to ask if anyone wants a dog. And soon she found a family with kids that wanted her. I gave her to them. Currently she is still there, I go form time to time to see her. Now she is a big dog, big and beautiful. But when she sees us she behaves just like a puppy.

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