Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Funny, exercising cats

A friend has just sent me this video. I can't stop laughing. These cats are so funny exercising.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas presents

How to choose a Christmas present for a cat? I spent some time thinking what to give to my cat family. What is a good gift for a cat?

The first thing that pops out in my mind is a live mouse. But I can’t harm an animal and my cats will probably only look it with curiosity and disgust. I have an aquarium and they don’t pay attention to its inhabitants.

I can give them some special food as a present. But they will receive some special food for Christmas anyway. I haven’t decided what to make but it will be a fest. So food as a present is bad idea.

Cat toys
I can buy toys, I am always in shortage of toys because they annihilate every toy a give them in about five minutes. I brought them several small, plastic, pokemon toys and they were made to pieces. Special cat toys can last a bit longer but not much longer.
Anyway some cool toy can be a good present for a good cat.

Cat tree
I don’t have cat tree in my home. I have some homemade, wooden tables, made especially for the cats, but maybe a cat tree is a good idea. I have always liked cool cat furniture and especially big cat trees. I wonder if my cute monsters can throw down and disassemble some expensive cat tower.

Cat house/bed
The other idea is a cat house or maybe houses. A cat house can be fun place for playing. It must be something that can be cleaned easily. I liked several models, they look so cool.

Cat litter house
This can’t be a present for a cat. It is present for a cat’s owner. And we have three big litter houses already.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New cat, again

Few days ago I got a new cat. Gray, with tiger-like pattern, I think its called tabby. Of course, she wasn’t a stray cat – I have no idea where did she come from. There was a hysterical meowing at my front door and when I opened a cat ran into.
The cat is a female, maybe one year old or even less. Not fully grown, stupid and clean. She hadn’t any fleas or even dirt on her. I asked around but no one knows anything for lost cats. I need to find her old or eventually new owners. It is very hard to find a new home for grown cat in my town.

My cat family accepted her almost immediately so I had no problem with socializing her or them.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Boiled fish as homemade cat food

Commercially prepared cat food is not always the best choice for all cats. Preparing cat food is not that hard, anyone can do it. I will share a simple recipe here.

My cats like to eat cooked or raw fish. I am not sure if the raw fish is safer enough so I usually cook it. You must wash the fish well before cooking it.

Boiled Fish (Usually sprout)
Just boil the fish half an hour and it is ready. I don’t add any other ingredients while cooking fish because cats don’t like them.

Roast Fish
Again, half an hour roasting is enough.

The fish must be suitable for human consumption and tasty. If you don’t like it, your cat probably won’t like it either. Don’t add salt.

Most of the time I use sprats because they are cheap and with small bones. If you use fish with big bones, you must remove them.

Keep in mind that you can’t feed your cat with fish every day, or you will cause it health problems. I usually offer fish once or twice a week.

Not all cats like to eat fish. If your cat is accustomed to dry food, it probably won’t eat fish, but you can try with some delicious fish like hake.

Be very careful with the bones – they can harm your cat. I remove them before serving.