Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas presents

How to choose a Christmas present for a cat? I spent some time thinking what to give to my cat family. What is a good gift for a cat?

The first thing that pops out in my mind is a live mouse. But I can’t harm an animal and my cats will probably only look it with curiosity and disgust. I have an aquarium and they don’t pay attention to its inhabitants.

I can give them some special food as a present. But they will receive some special food for Christmas anyway. I haven’t decided what to make but it will be a fest. So food as a present is bad idea.

Cat toys
I can buy toys, I am always in shortage of toys because they annihilate every toy a give them in about five minutes. I brought them several small, plastic, pokemon toys and they were made to pieces. Special cat toys can last a bit longer but not much longer.
Anyway some cool toy can be a good present for a good cat.

Cat tree
I don’t have cat tree in my home. I have some homemade, wooden tables, made especially for the cats, but maybe a cat tree is a good idea. I have always liked cool cat furniture and especially big cat trees. I wonder if my cute monsters can throw down and disassemble some expensive cat tower.

Cat house/bed
The other idea is a cat house or maybe houses. A cat house can be fun place for playing. It must be something that can be cleaned easily. I liked several models, they look so cool.

Cat litter house
This can’t be a present for a cat. It is present for a cat’s owner. And we have three big litter houses already.

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