Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Boiled fish as homemade cat food

Commercially prepared cat food is not always the best choice for all cats. Preparing cat food is not that hard, anyone can do it. I will share a simple recipe here.

My cats like to eat cooked or raw fish. I am not sure if the raw fish is safer enough so I usually cook it. You must wash the fish well before cooking it.

Boiled Fish (Usually sprout)
Just boil the fish half an hour and it is ready. I don’t add any other ingredients while cooking fish because cats don’t like them.

Roast Fish
Again, half an hour roasting is enough.

The fish must be suitable for human consumption and tasty. If you don’t like it, your cat probably won’t like it either. Don’t add salt.

Most of the time I use sprats because they are cheap and with small bones. If you use fish with big bones, you must remove them.

Keep in mind that you can’t feed your cat with fish every day, or you will cause it health problems. I usually offer fish once or twice a week.

Not all cats like to eat fish. If your cat is accustomed to dry food, it probably won’t eat fish, but you can try with some delicious fish like hake.

Be very careful with the bones – they can harm your cat. I remove them before serving.


Rirara said...

I had problems with one of my cats. She has health problems - and I placed her on a diet of one premium dry food. Her behavior changed, she stopped playing, and began to sleep almost 24 hours a day.
I changed the food and she started to play again.

My cats usual diet is homemade food and occasionally commercial food. I try to offer them every day something different so most of the time I don't feed with one thing alone.

Anonymous said...

Sweet blog! Continue the useful entries.