Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cats and kids

Maybe the photos of kids hugging cats look very cute but small kids must not be left alone with kittens or the consequences can be awful.

I have a cat with mental trauma after being tormented by kids. Her name is Kitty but we all call her Creepy Kitty because of her temper. She is white and beautiful Turkish Van cat, I found her two years ago. She was just thrown, and she was walking aimlessly between stopped cars on a busy street. I took her under my jacket and took a taxi.

And when I put her home she changed. She began to scratch when somebody touch her. When a person tries to hug her she became an evil beast. And she hated kids. She was only three month old kitten but she was really evil.

I think she was used as a child’s toy and when she began scratching her previous have cast her away.

Gradually she accepted us and now she almost never scratches and bites. She is even very tender cat. But she has a custom, whenever she wants to come to me and grabs my clothes with her claws (they are touching my skin, but don’t scratch), she draws me to her and begs a kiss.

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Anonymous said...

You are awesome! I wish I could help save kitties like you. You must be a very caring person :)