Monday, December 22, 2008

My new kitten

My new kitten is getting better and better. I am so happy. It frightened me a lot the first few days. The little kitten was having a fever, its eyes were closed by pus and its eyelids were bloated. Its tail was all in blood and pus. And it was breathing very hard.
It was spending all time sleeping near the heater.

I got pissed by the local vets. They were somewhat rude and their ideas for treatment were frightening. I know a very good veterinarian, but she works in another town. I am very thankful that she helped us after all.

Finally the kitten is getting better. Its eyes are perfectly fine, it is breathing well, eats and plays a lot like any little kitten. Only its tail needs more treatment, but it will be fine.

Now I think for a name, good for a cute tabby female kitten with short and funny tail. A little like bobtail. Maybe Risa?

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